Dean Smiths Marriage Equality Bill is bad for the community

Second Class Citizens stand firmly opposed to any plebiscite that the Turnbull Government maybe pursing.

SCC also takes a dim view on the Marriage Equality Bill proposed by Dean Smith.

In a Facebook update to the 5,200 member Proud to be a Second Class Australian public group, Owner and Human Rights Activist Michael Barnett said:

“I am taking this opportunity to remind everyone that any Marriage Equality bill that introduces more discrimination against LGBTIQ people, any bill that includes more religious exemptions, and any bill that keeps us as Second Class Citizens is one that we don’t want.

Right now Australian Marriage Equality are pushing the line that the Dean Smith Marriage Equality Bill is the one for us. It is not. It is devastatingly bad. It introduces more religious exemptions to the point it is more about advantaging religions than about providing equality.

Tiernan Brady, Anna Brown and Alex Greenwich are spruiking this bill like it’s the panacea we need. No, it’s not. It’s going to make our lives a misery. Trust me.

We want the Marriage Act changed to remove gender, not to provide more religious exemptions.

Stand up for equality without bigotry.”

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Dean Smith
Dean Smith

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