Lyle Tweets

The Australian Christian Lobby continues their vendetta against the GLBTIQ community by focusing their efforts on vilifying and harassing our families.

Their managing director continues to use his public social media presence to carry on his campaign of hate, all in the name of free speech.

You’ll find this month’s tweets and an archive going back to January 2017 here.

Here’s where he’s up to in this month:

Previous Months:

January 2018






With everyone happily getting married in Australia, Lyle admits defeat and stops tweeting so much about the GLBTIQ community. He turns his attention to abortion and the review on religous exemptions. He could only must 42 tweets about rainbow politics

December 2017






As the dust settles on the whole marriage debate, Lyle finds more time to tweet about his other favourite topics that he’d like to deprive people of. WIth just over 50% of his tweets on rainbow politics he finds time to talk about abortion and politics. Oh, and some stuff about the Flinders Street incident where a man drove his car into people waiting at a tram stop.

November 2017






The results of the postal survey came in and Lyle continued to tweet about it, just not as much as last month.  Only 317 tweets and just 57% about rainbow politics!  It must’ve been tough as he had to also tweet about the ACL conference Embolden 2017, although only 32 tweets.  Oh, and euthanasia pass in Victoria.  He did tweet just the once about the Rohingya crisis, nothing about the inhumane treatment of refugees on Manus Island.  I’m sure he thinks he now needs a bit of a lie down!

October 2017







The postal survey is in full flight and Lyle is clearly distracted.  Only 400 tweets this month and he’s been distracted by abortion and euthanasia legislation in Victoria.  He did find some time to tweet about the Las Vegas shooting and the plight of the Rohingya people.  Oh, and a few tweets about the ‘bomb’ on his office.   Still, we can’t be too cross with him, he has after all been crossing the country and rallying his supporters in small towns.  Perhaps they don’t have good wi-fi in the country.

September 2017







Woohoo Lyle!  Way to go.  Nearly 90% of your tweets are about rainbow politics with 51 tweets about other subjects.  You hero!

August 2017







What a month!  The announcement of the postal survey on ‘same-sex marriage’ got Lyle all excited.  So excited that he spent the month tweeting about it.  He’s spent so many months trying to tweet about other things to keep himself under the 50% mark, this time we see how he really feels, topping out at near 83%.  In June he tweeted 332 times, 473 in July and August 644!  Wow.  Will he break the record in September?


July 2017







Things have been hotting up in Victoria with talk of euthanasia about to be passed and abortion queries in Queensland.  Lyle had to tweet heaps more than last month, there are so many christian values he needs to share.  All us queers dropped a bit, down to only 44% that’s a 3% drop from last month!  On the upside, we had a rally of tweets towards the end of July as the whole plebiscite and same-sex marriage debate took off again.

June 2017








What a month!  After last months more balanced approach where Rainbow Politics was a mere 25% of all his tweets, with abortion sitting on 12.3% – Lyle spends June tweeting about all things rainbow.  He loves us so much!  47%!  Way to go!  Abortion dropping down to 4th spot. Even the census results with the huge drop in religion weren’t enough to refocus his attention on something more urgent, you know, like actually getting people to like him.

May 2017

Abortion is never far behind Rainbow Politics.  Sitting at just 25% this month, it would seem that Lyle has forgotten about us.  However, he did spend time overseas at two forums.  The World Congress of Families and the Budapest Democratic Forum, both which spend time talking about how to keep gay people out of families.  He also attended the Australian Summit against Sexual Exploitation (ASASE) which on the surface sounds good, the reality is that it was another right-wing christian front.

April 2017

Lyle does well, containing himself to under 50%!!

March 2017

He’s gone all out this month!  56% Rainbow Politics! Way to go Lyle!

February 2017

Woo!  What happened here Lyle?  Abortion leads the way.  It was a key time in the abortion debate in Queensland and Tasmania.

January 2017

His 3 favourite things this month, rainbow politics, abortion and euthanasia.  Still rainbow politics out in front!