Hotheads are OK

Shannon Molloy is employed by News Limited.  News Limited have long used the GLBTIQ Community as a plaything.   They have several of their leading columnists who make it their business to vilify the community every chance they get.

Even though Shannon is gay, he would appear to be in good company as his latest article shows just how much disrespect he has for people not like him.

When he was merely questioned as to how he could work for News Limited and sit on the board of the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, his response wasn’t to offer an explanation, but to resign.

The lobby is weak and ineffective.  Not taking on the big issues instead taking a softly softly approach to the core issues around GLBTIQ rights.  Even their name is ineffective.

Molloy in his Australian fluff piece says:

I also believe radicalism is ineffective and childish.

That’s pretty rich and easy to say.  Radicalism was the very thing that brought us out of the bars and into the streets, as the chant goes.  It was the protests against the police brutality and victimisation of the GLBTIQ community that lead to social reforms.  The very reason that Molloy is able to be out at work, is actually employed and able to use the tools of the trade is because of radicalism.

Molloy posses the question:

Do you win over more opponents with civility or sledgehammers?

Suggesting that civility will win the battle.


He might be too frightened to get his hands dirty on the sledgehammer, which is perfectly OK.  The reality is that great social change and reform doesn’t happen because we’re nice to each other.  History shows us that.

A combined effort of being nice and being loud and noisy is the way for reform.  You pick the way you want to do your activism and get on with it.  Have the courage of your convictions to show us that you mean what you say.  Let’s see an article that uses your tactic of civility to point out to Bolt and Devinne how toxic their message is.

In his best big-boy voice, Molloy says:

Making that final leap will not be achieved by viciously attacking the small minority left who do not want it made. It’s a waste of our breath.

Let me tap this metaphorical microphone to see if it’s on.  Lobbying isn’t working.  We haven’t achieved reform despite all the best efforts of comfortable emails and chairs, meeting face to face and smiling.  We are stalled.

Rather than stand his ground in a method he thinks is the best approach, just what does Molloy do?

I’m gay and up until recently I was an active member of the equality movement, sitting on the board of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby in NSW.

Molloy’s response to the criticism is to walk away.  How very dare you.

V0050365 A parody of Hogarth’s Marriage a la Mode
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
14/11/1885 By: Tom MerrySt Stephen’s Review
Published: 14 November 1885.
Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0



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