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Lyle’s weekly blog is up!  Strap in for another round of misinformation and fact twisting.

A same-sex marriage activist published on the internet, for the second time this year, my family’s home address and those of several ACL board directors past and present.

Lyle forgets to say that this information is freely available on the internet published as part of the requirements from ASIC.

This was while The Australian newspaper was running front page stories about union bully John Setka, who was only threatening to publish people’s home addresses.

Not the slightest bit relevant to the story.

There is only one reason for publicising someone’s home address and that is to bully and intimidate.

Taken by Xavier Snelgrove. *Date: 2005-06-24 {{cc-by-sa-2.5}}

Or to show who is on the board and trying to hide their affiliations.

ACT Police have advised me that there is little they can do and I should engage a private security firm to make recommendations about upgrading security at my house.

What did you ask them to do?  Take down the internet?  I would also assume that your house is already secured.  So, nice story but little value to your tale.

Six months ago, our office was bombed and this is now the subject of a court case.

Bombed?  No it wasn’t.  There was an explosion, but not a bomb and nothing to indicate it was an ‘attack’ on your office.

Last month masked same-sex marriage activists physically blocked 70 people from entering an ACL meeting in Melbourne, such is their commitment to free speech and tolerance.

Facing masked protesters is intimidating.

Masked?  How many?  Who were they with?

Last week a Liberal Party dinner in Melbourne which featured tennis great Margaret Court as its guest speaker was set upon by rainbow protestors.

ACL’s Dan Flynn was there and sent me iPhone footage of the protestors chanting “Hey Margaret go to hell, take (Prime Minister Malcom) Turnbull there as well”.

There is only one reason for chanting like that: to bully and intimidate.

We’re getting to a theme here, aren’t we.  Anyway, Court may have been a tennis great years ago, now she’s the founder of her own sect and using that religion to bully and intimated others.

All the while there is silence from leaders of the same-sex marriage political movement.

Leaders?  Who are they?  What are their names and who put them in charge?  What we have are different groups of people trying to achieve reform around marriage equality.  There is no single ‘same-sex marriage political movement’ any more that there is one lot of christians lobbying the government.

Then there was Cabinet Minister Christopher Pyne’s boast that he would trash the Liberal party’s election promise of no change without a people’s vote.

Trash?  You mean he was recorded saying that marriage equality would get through the house.  How is that trashing anything?  Perhaps you’re creating some fake news here.

To his credit, the Prime Minister today reaffirmed that the Government would not allow any change to the definition of marriage without a plebiscite.

Turnbull doesn’t deserve any credit.  He’s simply doing what he needs to do to stay the PM.  As soon as he sees a way around the conservatives he’ll jump at  it.

This kills off Pyne’s plan and that of his fellow Liberal co-conspirators Trent Zimmerman and Senator Dean Smith.


These men naively thought they could draft a same-sex marriage bill that protects other Australian’s freedoms.

Nobody’s freedom is being threatened.  I think Pyne, Zimmerman and Smith are far from naive.

All in a week where the Swedish Prime Minister has told priests that if they don’t perform same-sex marriages, they should get another job.

Well no, that’s not what the Swedish PM said at all, and that’s not the slightest bit relevant to the Australian issue.

Christopher Pyne’s contempt for voters has been an own goal and he has been repudiated by none other than the Prime Minister.

I actually don’t think that Pyne has shown any contempt for voters.  You on the other hand.

Marriage is safe for now.

Marriage is never safe when there is a small lobby group pretending to speak for a majority.

With the Senate continuing to block the peoples’ vote, the next election is shaping up as a battle for the future of the definition of marriage.

Yeah, let’s not make the next election about marriage equality.  How could we short-circuit that?

This is really a battle for freedom, children’s rights and the truth about what it means to be male and female.

Oh, so not marriage equality?  Whew.  I’m ready to battle for my freedom, whatever that really means, and I’m all for children’s rights, to be brought up by loving parents.  Again, it’s a bit vague what you mean by truth about male and female, perhaps you could work on that.

Thanks for your support – particularly everyone who has donated to our end of financial year appeal.

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ACL is able to be a voice for Christian values in public policy because of your support and prayers.

Oh yes, what do you think you’re achieving?  Helping the homeless, the poor, giving them the shirt of your back?  Your tweets say otherwise.

God bless you.

Yeah, right.


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