Richard Riordan MP, It’s OK to treat the gays as second class

Richard Riordan is the MP for Polworth, Liberal.  Stuck out in Victoria’s South West in a sleepy town called Colac.

In the Warrnambool Standard he made this comment:

Polwarth MP Richard Riordan said because he was a state MP without a vote on the issue, he would not share his personal views.

Mr Riordan said the plebiscite had been used as a “political football” by the left side of politics, and a plebiscite would give “national ownership” to an issue many people felt strongly about at a personal level.

“It is important to remember that the vast majority of the world’s political and religious systems do not support gay marriage,” he said. “In fact many countries are openly hostile, with prison and even death sentences the consequence.

“Australia, with the largest immigrant population per capita in the world, have a very large cohort of people with traditional views, who should not be pilloried and marginalised.”

For someone that didn’t want to share his personal view he somehow managed to do so.

He said that a vast majority of the world don’t agree with marriage equality, probably quite hostile to it.  He says that some places even carry the death sentence.  Seriously?  This is a reason to not allow marriage equality because in some places in the world, they’re still backwards enough to be killing GLBTIQ people? In Chechnya for example, they’re rounding up gay men and killing them.  What’s important to remember is that when people are treated like second class citizens their rights don’t matter and they can be treated however the majority wishes.

Riordan’s next point about the large cohort of people from overseas with traditional views also seems rather odd.  With the calls at the national level for new citizens to adopt Australian ‘values’, whatever that is, he thinks we should continue to allow them to hold their bigotry and intolerance so that they don’t feel ‘pilloried and marginalised’.  That seems at odds with Australian values.  On the other side of course, by allowing them to hold their traditional values, such as rejecting any gay children they may have, or engaging in honour killings, he neglects to see that a section of the community, the GLBTIQ community, are being pilloried and marginalised.

The only way you can hold that line of thinking is if you really believe that anyone who isn’t heterosexual isn’t really a human.


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