About Us

Michael Barnett founded Proud to Be A Second Class Australian in 2009.  He intended the group to be a place to document the march towards equality.  As it evolved, others started to contribute information and a community of like minded people began to participate and comment.

Gregory Storer and Michael are co-moderators of the group, both are working towards celebration of those in our community who have for too long been at the edges of society.

The group now stands at about 6,800 second class citizen from a wide variety of backgrounds.  Many contributing to the vibrant community on a daily basis.  It has plenty of robust conversations from many different perspectives.

We are for all people who wish to improve the quality of life of same-sex attracted, intersex, and trans & gender diverse Australians (SSA/I/TGD).  

You are welcome to join in the conversation irrespective of whether you identity as SSA/I/TGD.

We have had enough of being Second Class. We have had enough of being told our relationships harm kids. We have had enough of being told we aren’t as worthy as heterosexual cis-gender people. We have had enough of having to hide, of being scared, of facing bigotry, of being made to feel less and of being brutalised both physically and psychologically by government, religious extremists and those who are plain ignorant.


The group is fast-paced. It will give you up-to-date news and stories from Australia and around the world. We believe that to effect change here we must also understand what is happening in the world around us. You can contribute links, stories, pictures etc. You can post comments. You can just watch. Whatever your level of participation is, it is appreciated.

Everyone’s perspective is valued if it is respectful of human and civil rights.